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In July 2002, my husband, David Mercer, and I came to the Quad Cities to interview. He had a year left in an oncology fellowship and we were looking to find a place for him to practice and for us to raise our family. As part of the multi-day interview process, we spent an afternoon being given a tour by a local realtor. In many ways, he sold us on the Quad Cities as a place to raise our family which was just as important in my husband’s employment decision as where he practiced medicine.
The following spring, we traveled back to the Quad Cities to meet with that same realtor to begin our home search. We had many strong ideas on what we wanted, what we didn’t want, what we needed, what we didn’t need and what would and wouldn’t best suit our young family. We were a realtor’s nightmare. But he, ever so patiently, showed us what seemed like 100 houses over the course of two days. And on March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph - patron saint of home builders and homeowners - we signed on the dotted line and made an offer on a home in a great school district and a neighborhood with lots of young families.
That realtor helped us realize our dreams of home ownership and finding a house that would be the ideal place to raise our kids who were only 3 and 7 at the time. The neighborhood and house were everything we’d dreamed of and more. Our son and daughter grew up in that house. We hosted parties, celebrated holidays and made memories to last a lifetime.
Facing an empty nest, I wondered what would be my own next move. And, I thought about that realtor from so many years ago. I realized what a difference he made in our lives. He didn’t just help us buy a house. He help us find a home which made all the difference.
You see ... It's not just a House ... it's a Home ... the place of memories made, milestones celebrated as well as family and friends embraced. It's the future realized. Whether you are buying the house that becomes your home or selling your home while dreaming of new doors opening. Let me help you realize those home dreams whether they lie here in the Quad Cities or beyond. I can assist you wherever those dreams take you.
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